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ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022. Book of abstracts. ILP 16th. Sedimentary Basins. Geoscience 7th 2022

Cod produs: CS00483
ISBN: e-book.pdf – 978-606-537-578-9
An apariție: 2023
Nr. pagini: 114
Format: 145x205 mm



This book includes the abstracts accepted to be part of the technical programme of the ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022, the joint event of the 16th Workshop of the International Lithosphere Program Task Force Sedimentary Basins & 7th Geoscience Symposium of the Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics, organized in Bucharest, Romania

The ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022 joint event took place under the theme: The coupling between sedimentary basins, orogenic areas, and their underlying lithosphere in applied and theoretical geosciences.

In advance of the technical presentation days, a pre-event field trip in the SE Carpathians (4-5 October 2022) was organized.

Technical presentations, extended over two days, brought along speakers from United Arab Emirates, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Hungary, Serbia, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, and researchers from all continents who assisted on-site or virtually.

The event concluded with a one-day post-event field trip to one of the largest salt mines in Europe, at 208 m below the earth surface and was an opportunity to discuss about mining-triggered hazards and geophysics.

A selection of the works presented during the ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022 (6-7 October 2022) will also appear as extended papers within a forthcoming book under the aegis of the Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics.

Editors of the volume,
Florina Chitea
President of the Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics
Co- Chair of the Scientific Committee

Ioan Munteanu
Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee

Liviu Matenco
Chair of the Scientific Committee

Raluca Dinescu
Member of the Organizing Committee

Irina Stanciu
Chair of the Organizing Committee

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