Editura Cetatea de Scaun - de 22 de ani facem istorie


Colecție: Didactica
Cod produs: CS00360
ISBN: 978-606-537-424-9
Nr. pagini: 114
Format: 170x240 mm



Some readers that see the contents of Inter-texting English will probably discard it on account of being coursebook that turns back time to the beginning of the twentieth century for it is based on literary excerpts that are likely to direct everyone’s thoughts to the Grammar Translation Method. Yet their horizon of expectation will be denied.

Inter-texting English is a coursebook that runs against the contemporary current in education. Education has commenced to resemble more and more an assembly line whose output is far from the intended one – people incapable of appreciating beauty any more. To counter this “mass production” education that relies on the media (articles and editorials), I propose Inter-texting English – a coursebook based on beautiful texts and images – simply because beauty is universal and a-temporal, it is always valid. Unlike the “real-life situations” put forward by the current methodology that are invalidated every decade (but that helps sales and the toilers that revamp our usual coursebooks).

Inter-texting English is a coursebook by means of which a student learns English by putting his/her mind to work, by constantly going back and forth in time and space, a movement that boosts mental and cultural flexibility. Inter-texting English is a coursebook that favours dialogue (which is not the same as communication) between texts, images, students.
Sabina Madgearu

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