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Valahian Journal of Historical Studies No 17 / 2012

Colecție: Istorie Periodice
Cod produs: CS00233
ISBN: 1584-2525
Nr. pagini: 134
Format: 17 x 24 cm

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Emanuel Copilaș
‘Socialist in form, national in content’? The ‘national-international relation’ in the ideological economy of romantic Leninism / 5

Magdalena Ionescu
Protection of national minorities rights at the beginning of the communist regime (1945-1948). The Romanian case / 43

Cezar Stanciu
National Controversies beneath Stalinist Uniformity. The Issue of Transylvania in the Romanian-Hungarian Communist Debates / 53

Arthur Viorel Tuluș
Zionism – from the left to the right side of the political ideologies. Reflecting the Zionist trends in the life of the Jewish communities from southern Bessarabia and the Lower / 67

Ioana Ecaterina Cazacu
Romanian propaganda in Portugal during Victor Cădere’s term of office (1942-1944) / 91

Emanuel Plopeanu
The difficult road to a special partnership: the Turkish – US relations during
World War Two / 105

Ion Calafeteanu
Maria Costea, Relaţiile politico-diplomatice româno-bulgare (1938-1940)/ Romanian-Bulgarian Politico-Diplomatic Relations (1938-1940) / 127

Cezar Stanciu
Russian-East European Relations: from Tsarism to Gazprom. Conference in Cork, Ireland, May 2012 / 129

Cezar Stanciu
East-West Cultural Exchanges and the Cold War. Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland, June 2012 / 131

Call for papers / 133

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